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Our Board

  • President - Bill Stanage, Wealth Management Group LLC

  • Vice President - Mike Mierzejewski, cr8 Digital Creations

  • Treasurer - Carey Plant, AMREP SW Inc.

  • Secretary - Melissa Leymon, PNM

  • Patricia diVasto, RRPS

  • Marilyn Lake-Dellangelo, RRPS

  • Nicole Smith, HUB International

  • AJ Bonnett, Retired

  • Jeff Degroot, Christian Brothers Automotive

  • Lawrence Davis, RRPS-CTEC

   Non-voting Members

  • TBD

MISSION STATEMENT: The Rio Rancho Education Foundation mission is to promote excellence in education by providing funds for community education programs, enhancing student opportunities, and contributing to facility needs. The Foundation shall provide the educational and business communities with an entity for pursuing, managing, and auditing grant applications.


Questions, suggestions, comments or interested in joining the RREF Board of Directors?

Simply fill out the Contact Form CLICK HERE.

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